Forbidden Secrets of Quantum Physics

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QUANTUM MECHANICS The American Heritage Science Dictionary defines “quantum mechanics” as: A fundamental theory of matter and energy that explains facts that previous physical theories were unable to account for, in particular the fact that energy is absorbed and released in small, discrete quantities (quanta), and that all matter displays both wavelike and particle like properties, especially when viewed at atomic and subatomic scales. Quantum mechanics suggests that the behavior of matter and energy is inherently probabilistic and that the effect of the observer on the physical system being observed must be understood as a part of that system. —, “quantum mechanics.”

Quantum mechanics is fundamentally different than typical physics (called the “Standard Model”) because atomic and subatomic particles do not obey the same physical laws as objects on a large scale, such as planets and stars. Gravity as we know it seems to be incompatible with the behavior of quantum (insanely small) particles; therefore, the Standard Model breaks down when trying to understand the universe on a quantum level. Moreover, the larger universe deals in absolutes whereas the quantum universe deals in probabilities. The Standard Model is sometimes regarded as a “theory of almost everything.”

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