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Garland Valley MSN, RN

Thank you for visiting today and please enjoy your exploration of this very unique and motivational blog. The Intent of this blog is to provide you with information, education and enlightenment on multiple esoteric, spiritual, religious, metaphysical, and philosophical topics. Additionally, this blog provides information for physical well being and health from the holistic theory of wellness.

Garland holds a Master of Science degree in nursing leadership (MSN) from Ball State University in Muncie Indiana and a Bachelor of Science degree in Metaphysical Humanistic Science (Mhs.B) from the Institute for Metaphysical Humanistic Science

You will find that this blog does not promote nor judge any particular religious path, practice, belief system or individual perspectives. GarlandValley.com is for the seeker as well as for the adept, the novice and the expert, it is for the Christian and the Pagan. It is presented in alignment with the Light for the purpose of healing, protection, individual growth, stimulation of imagination and creativity.

GarlandValley.com is presented on the premise that we are all unique individuals and we all have the right to choose a spiritual path which resonates with our being and uniqueness to guide us upon the path to that which is divine to each of us. The majority of content is this blog is original writing and research conducted by Garland Valley, RN MSN, who is a practicing registered nurse, light worker with a Bachelor degree in Metaphysial Humanistic Science and practitioner with a history that includes formal healthcare education with a Master of Science degree in nursing as well as individual apprenticeships with a practicing Santero, Cherokee Shaman and Wiccan elder, In addition to these learning experiences. Garland is currently enrolled in the Metaphysical Institute for Humanistic Science pursuing a Doctoral degree in Holistic Spiritual Healing.

Garland’s spiritual interests include shamanistic religions and belief systems and their relationship to healing in our modern society. In pursuit of these interests Garland has traveled to Caribbean locations in Mexico, Honduras and Haiti on spiritual exploration in the birthplace of Maya culture, Vodun, Santeria a well as regular consultation and guidance with a third generation Santera residing in Miami, Florida. This hands on experience is also combined with a lifetime of study, research of ancient texts and personal experience upon the path of the seeker, healer and counselor. Garland’s work is focused on the Neo Shaman tradition and application of shamanistic techniques and systems in Western healing.

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