Panjim Goa Travel – Beauty & Spirituality

Panjim Goa Travel – Beauty & Spirituality

On the southern banks of the Mandovi River, lies Panaji or Panjim – the capital city of Goa. Literally meaning ‘the land that does not flood’, Panaji is built around a church facing a prominent square. This Portuguese town is popular for a number of ancient beautiful churches and some of the excellent Portuguese Baroque style buildings and enchanting old villas.

When it comes to the fascinating sites of the city, Dona Paula tops the chart. The true beauty of the place lies in the meeting point of Goa’s two splendid rivers. Moreover, the Arabian Sea serves as the secluded bay of Dona Paula with a fine view of the Marmagao Harbour.

Coming to the beautiful churches, Panjim city guide is full of Christian pilgrim centres. The Church And Convent Of St. Monica, the Church Of Our Lady Of The Rosary, the Church Of St. Francis Of Assisi, and the Church Of St. Francis Xavier are a few of the post popular churches in the city. Among the ancient places of Panaji, the ruins of St. Augustine’s Tower is also a major attraction. Apart from that, Aguada Fort also boasts of being the best-preserved Portuguese bastion in Goa. Built in 1612 to protect the northern shores of the Mandovi estuary from Dutch and Maratha raiders, the fort is a favourite site of all the history buffs.

The city also offers something unique to all the art lovers. Places like the Archaeological Museum & Portrait Gallery and the Archives Museum Goa showcase the rarest collections of ancient sculptures and stones of the early and late medieval periods, portraits, coins and currency, revenue and court fee stamps, wooden and bronze sculptures, and armory of the Portuguese period etc.

Apart from that, Bondla Forest and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary also draw a number of tourists from all over the world. In short, the place place offers something or the other for almost all kinds of tourists with different tastes.

Almost all the Goa tour packages include Panaji or Panjim as a key destination. Apart from being the capital, it is historically important city as well. Along with all the beaches and other Goa tourist places, one can visit the ancient and beautiful Portuguese churches in Goa Panjim trip is ideal for history buffs as well.

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