SGI Philippines Gohunzon Japanese buddhism leaders burglurs and teach love amidst blood-manipulation in massuchism Part 1

SGI Philippines Gohunzon Japanese buddhism leaders burglurs and teach love amidst blood-manipulation in massuchism Part 1

Is SGI Gohunson Japanese buddhism about lynching, burgling lives, possession, expolitation and stalking men and women to others? Does spiritual faith pertain to nudity internally, externally and the whole being?

Pain in love is love for satan, love me, kill me, love you more. Law is not love?

Leaders of SGI Philippines are taking pride in having all the time in the world to mentor about love, karma illegally invading privacy through technology and burgling in the brain. Love, as they say, is forgiving. However, if there is no love, tears in pain out of torture and blood, are believed by a family, will lead nowhere but to love.

Mother knows what’s best. A mother of three such as Mrs. Rosa Uy is a perfect model for massuchism. Separated from her husband solely raising her children, who are greatly attached to her family every single day of their lives and have been feeding and sheltering them for being jobless will greatly influence and adapt her character added by the generic factor.

Growing up out of violence involving murder by accident, allegedly, causing their grandmother’s death which sent Mr. Aristotle To Uy, ex convict, to the penetentiary for the boys according to Mr. Alfonso Raymond To Uy, brother, out of their fight. Knives, broom stick, etc. were used as toys in fighting with each other not exemplifying Mrs. Lesley Rose Uy y Yiu even in the airport overseas and else where.

Trained and highly supervised by the mother, now that they are grownups and married, why can’t she mentor and control her children from violence and imprisonment at home, at SGI Phils and at work. Her children would even seek money to invest in a business from the parents out of incapacity, incompetence and lack of job.

Still today, the mother is loving watching her children castigate and kill an innocent woman with the help of her buddies involving governments and her in-laws to exploit and hinder travels, job opportunity and life itself illegally invading privacy even overseas with the use of technology with extreme monitoring and possession 24/7 exclusive of holidays and hopping and instructing from one body to another. The family and unknown group of voices from the Philippines are sincerely determined to kill, break and make.

As destiny dictates, another family member, Mrs. Melanie Calandria y Uy, and a member of SGI Philippines is running for Identity Theft supported allegedly by her family in the satellite supported and heard so loudly in Taiwan.

Obviously, Melanie’s mother is so much like her husband’s mother, Rosa, finding a common ground in luck of job and dependency. Unfortunately, Melanie’s family is below average. Lesley and Melanie as sister-in-laws are the only roses among the thorns. Both are shameless with strong built and eagerness to kill Sally, who has nothing to do with men and their personal problems.

How unfortunate to say that these two families started out as poor and unfortunate giving the reason why they diverted from catholic to gohunzon buddhism. Rosa, the mother of the culprits, is also a culprit herself. She was a waitress in a cafeteria in a chinese community in the Philippines before she got married. Struggling for money, unfortunate repeated miscarriages and disappointment with the physical outcome of her children of her children and shortcomings, she hated the bible and found SGI Philippines tagging her children along. She is further separated from her husband after 3 children and had her mother die accidentally in her house out of her son’s fight.

Melanie, a provincial woman and the daughter-in-law, was struggling for job and money before she entered Rosa’s house. Jobless for over 6 years, she found shelter and security from her borfriend by merely living in for free, seeing cars and wealth from Filipino-Chinese community. After 6 years of au pair locally and watching the boyfriend and her now in-laws inheritance and business, she is stronger with pride and lies searching for more opportunities seen in Sally, locally and overseas, daring to share and steal identities with a lucky and strong faith catholic woman. Once again, Melanie is entering Sally’s life and lambasting Sally to share her life and snatching Sally’s in Taiwan. Her family members who are strangers and her in-laws are leeches and lynching in claiming her as a family member.

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