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Freedom and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Are Inseparable

The entrepreneurial spirit that was formed in dissatisfaction with the tyranny and control found in England over 200 years ago, spurred on by a people driven to find their way in a hostile world. This spirit lives on today, and is still under attack by those who seek fairness and sameness. Freedom is the underlying…

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The Spirit of Freedom ~ The Spirit of Love

The Spirit of Freedom ~ The Spirit of Love Read more articles by Jai Krishna Ponnappan at, http://jaikrishnaponnappan.blogspot.com/2011/05/spirit-of-freedom-spirit-of-love.html This is a response made to a very valid, interesting and mind opening note made by my friend Princess Erika de Krutova on facebook, ” I do not understand. America is so strong on freedoms. I have…

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