The World is in Bad need for Spirituality: but Spirit is Dead: exchanged for a dime

The World is in Bad need for Spirituality: but Spirit is Dead: exchanged for a dime

Our World is in Bad need for Spirituality: but Spirit is Dead: exchanged for a dime


Materialism, individualism, egotism, acquisitiveness, money, riches, honors, power, position, competitiveness: Shallow program, empty existence dominating the West as well as the East of the globe and in between.

You are rich if you have money. You are poor if you have money. Your worth is calculated in money. If you don’t have a dime in your pocket, then you are a poor man. Nobody wants you. Nobody is interested in you. Your family leaves you, your friends are those like yourself: the poor.

The society does not consider you as human being. The society look down at you. You are rejected by all sectors of the society. People avoid you. They are afraid you ask them for money or steal their money.

Your chances in life are very meager. Your life is not worthwhile. You are a RAT, Mouse for poor women.

You do not count for the society. In the street people avoid you. Try to go to a posh Hotel and see for yourself how meanly you are treated by your fellow countrymen. The doorman does not allow you to enter.

In the lobby rich people look at you with scorn and raised eye brows. The desk of the Hotel tries to throw you out in any way, being ashamed of your presence. Try to get a job, but you have little chance or not at all.

It is because you are poor. Whether in New York, San Francesco, or London, Paris, Rome, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, Beijing or Tokyo. Any poor man poorly, habitually, dressed is immediately rejected.

He has no place in the world of the rich. He is an embarrassment to his follow humans, a shame to humanity and a curse to his own society.

You might be a devout believer in God, good character, good code of morality and a regular church, synagogue or Mosque goer, but who cares as long as you do not have money.

But if you are rich, then all doors are open for you.

The doorman of every hotel shall receive with big greetings and you are welcome everywhere. The red carpet is under you feet.

Money opens all doors except for the door of God.

Christ says ‘there is no place for the rich in the Kingdom of Heavens’. The Qur’an says ‘The rich do not go to paradise until the camel passes through the eye of the needle of the tailor’.

But we live in a reality of the materialism. Our life is concerned now with the benefits of this world.

Who cares about the other world? After all there is no proof or evidence for the other world. There is no proof for doomsday, so why worry.

We, therefore, have to indulge into this world competing for whatever profits and benefits we can get.

The criterion of this world is how to get money, a car, a house, better work than the others. Whether we step on others, it does not matter: the end justifies the means.

We became machines and robots. We are new slaves in inhuman societies of profit and the human is no more than a number a commodity and cheap trade. Societies take care of animals far more than humans.

Your value is whatever is in your pocket. You have a dime then your value is a dime, if you have a million Dollar, then your worth is one million Dollar.

There is nothing wrong with that provided that you have one million Dollar in your pocket.

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