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Who are the Orisha’s

The Orisha’s originate with the Afro-Cuban religion Santeria and were adopted from the Yoruba tribes of Africa during the time in history of slave trading. The Yoruba of West Africans were not permitted to practice their native religion when brought to the Carribean and America’s and were forced to adopt Catholocism. Rather than betray their…

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The Golden Rule

Throught time and across multiple religious and spiritual disciplines one universal rule of life is repeated also known as The Golden Rule….   Do What Thou Wilt and Harm None for As Above So Below Wiccan Creed – Book of Shadows Hurt Not Others With That Which Pains Yourself. Buddha – Udanavarga  5.18 Always Treat…

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Shamanic Space Cleansing

    Space cleansing is an ancient and common practice in all spiritual paths, frequently done when moving to a new home as a blessing for love, peace, good health and prosperity.  Space cleansing should also be done after there has been a great deal of negative emotional energy, such as an angry argument, fights,…

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