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“A Better You” Your 7 days program to self-improvement

I seem to lost count on how many times I’ve read and heard of celebrity marriages failing almost left and right. Not that I care (and personally I don’t), it seems strange that we often see movie and TV stars as flawless people, living the fairytale life of riches and glamour. I suppose we all…

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The Spirituality of Being Versus Doing

  Insight into Living Consciously  When we glimpse how vastly different consciousness is as a way of living from the unconsciousness in which we have floundered, we want to fix up our life by embarking on a “spiritual journey.” We start reading all kinds of books, listening to talks, going to retreats, praying, meditating, and…

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Intuition – How to Tell If It’s Your Intuition Speaking

The most frequent question I receive is about listening to your own intuition. How do you know the feelings you have are your intuition or your mind chatter. The intuitive mind is elusive. There’s a fine line at times. We are taught from childhood not to listen to our own inner voice, to literally ignore…

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With Your Spirit Guide’s Help By Dick Sutphen

With Your Spirit Guide’s Help By Dick Sutphen Dick Sutphen is a popular name in the world of self-help and self-improvement. His books/audio recordings have long since established his expertise on teaching people how to tap into their latent full potential. In With Your Spirit Guide’s Help by Dick Sutphen, one of the best guides…

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spirituality of martial arts

The Bliss of Martial Arts

If you want something unique to add to your exercise regimen, martial arts may be the very thing you are looking for. Martial arts has the benefit of exercising both your mind and body. Through martial arts training, you get a complete workout that aerobics or weight lifting just can’t match. Martial arts have never…

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Will a Healing Touch Non secular Ministry Be an Answer for Nowadays’s “Healing Pilgrims?”

By the point we tend to reached the Middle Ages healing played a smaller and smaller role in church life. By the seventh century, western civilization had deteriorated significantly. Barbarian invasions plundered cities, and scattered, tortured, and murdered the people. Survival became a daily struggle and folks looked to God and to the “saints,” those…

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Digital Illustration of clear Crystals

Ancient Secrets of Crystal Healing

In Chinese philosophy, the Chi is the life force energy inside our body. This Chi controls the different parts of our existence and it was said that crystals heal some parts of our bodies. Based on belief, some crystals are focused on healing different energies. If you use the correct crystal on the chakra (which…

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metaphysical studies

Manifest Your Desires Faster With Metaphysics

Metaphysical studies are a fantastic way to enhance your deliberate life creation experience. A little openness will go a long way, and you don’t need to join a monastery or sit in the wilderness for a week fasting. For instance the simple practice of meditation can help you develop a calm, still mind and provide…

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Mayan Calender


RELIGION, RELIGION, RELIGION, RELIGION, RELIGION, RELIGION, RELIGION, RELIGION Asphyxiated by curled hands. Punishment for tainted moon it has floated down to darker side of continence. You push the body in wall, Coal burns in the eyes The shadow at last, leaves the body. The high priest, goes for the copyright annular bulge of pride. A…

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Garland vallet esoteric exploration

Practical Christian Living – Moral Relativism In Relation To Christianity

“Since Humanism has no single theory, moral theory and moral subject should be chosen, observed strictly and even debated” Mason Olds. Humanists typically accept moral relativism as their morality as a result of it’s the identical Ideas and principles with Humanism, hence moral relativism and secular Humanism go hand in hand. Relativism is the idea…

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Supernatural ANTI-POSSESSION SYMBOL Pendant on 16″ Cord

Supernatural ANTI-POSSESSION SYMBOL Pendant on 16″ Cord Pendant comes with 16 inch cord Gift idea for Supernatural fans   Brand New SUPERNATURAL ANTI-POSSESSION SYMBOL PENDANT Brand New Supernatural Anti-Possession Symbol Pendant Pendant comes with 16 inch cord Gift idea for Supernatural fans List Price: $ 2.31 Price: $ 1.00  

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Confusing Politics With Religion

Much is made these days about the threat of “Radical Islam,” and the fact that the Jihadists often seem bent on killing as many Westerners—particularly Americans—as they can. This has led some to adopt a posture of “political protectionism,” akin to the trade protectionists we see in some circles, warning of the dangers posed by…

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Cultivating Intuition

  A life lived without even a trace of inner, intuitive guidance is, perhaps, impossible. But, to live without routinely making decisions based on intuition is certainly possible and brings error and tragedy to humanity. Such a way of living is shallow, for unless our choices are guided by the inner promptings of Spirit, we…

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What About Altered State of Consciousness?

  The phrase “altered state of consciousness” was coined in the 1970s and describes induced changes in one’s mental state, almost always temporary. A synonymous phrase is “altered states of awareness.” An altered state of consciousness can come about accidentally through fever, sleep deprivation, starvation, oxygen deprivation, nitrogen narcosis (deep diving), or a traumatic accident.…

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Howw Can Meditation Enhance My Spirituality?

Does meditation have any meaning at all? As human beings, can we really change by any means? Questions such as these have been purported for centuries and we must ask ourselves do they have any validity. Are we not just as barbaric and vicious as ever before? Time has not changed us at all. We continue to destroy ourselves and…

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